Necklace of Tears (aka Kaneer Malai)

Set in 11th century India, the story is about fifteen-year-old Samudradevi, a merchant sailor’s daughter who never truly feels at home unless she is on a sailboat. Devi awakens to find herself stranded in the middle of the Indian Ocean with only a few provisions for survival and a mysterious sapphire necklace.

Amitha received a “Letter of Merit” for this work from the SCBWI in 2011.

Matsya is the only girl in New Boston whose gills don’t work. When Matsya is approached by a Darwinist group who believes she will lead humankind back to a life on land, she must decide whether to join them in a life where she isn’t strapped to an oxypack, or stay with her family Below Surface.

Amitha won the 2012 PEN New England Susan P. Bloom Children’s Book Discovery Award for this manuscript.

My Teleportation Summer Vacation

A wacky middle grade murder mystery in space. When creepy space robots mistakenly arrest Veera’s twin sister for a crime she witnessed her first time zapping through space,  Veera, her cousin Sam, Robin the Martian, and floating fuzzball-policeman Poo-ee must solve the crime before all of Earth is obliterated.


A middle grade fantasy novel inspired by the Jantar Mantar astronomical observatory in Jaipur, India. The story is about a Stargazer named Nadiya and a Cloudreader named Lakhni: two girls from two different magic traditions who must combine their talents to save their kingdom.

Picture books: Amitha also writes picture books!

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