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Get to Know Asian American Children’s Authors: Padma Venkatraman, Author of A Time to Dance

Our very first author in this blog series is the award-winning and versatile author, Padma Venkatraman. Her latest book is A Time to Dance. (Side note: I absolutely love this cover and have already purchased my copy of the book!) Padma … Continue reading

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Ambiguous Endings: Brilliant or Lazy?

Due to the nature of this blogpost, there will be spoilers for The Giver and for Inception (the movie). So consider yourself forewarned. I recently saw Inception for the second time and it made me think again about ambiguous endings. … Continue reading

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My Reading Stats for 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about anything. I’ve written a whole bunch of blog posts in my head, but unfortunately, none of them actually made it to the computer, which means I don’t remember a one of them. … Continue reading

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Monkey See Monkey Read

I’m taking another vacation from my blog. So here’s a cute picture from flickr (photo by SimonWhitaker) to tide you over.

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Biased Review of a Fabulous Essay: From Words to Brain by Livia Blackburne

From Words to Brain by Livia Blackburne What happens when you read? How does your brain derive meaning from words on a page? My writing buddy Livia, attempts to answer these questions by explaining some of the latest in neuroscience research in … Continue reading

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My epiphany: it’s about the writing, stupid

After almost two and a half years of writing full time, I’ve finally realized that I need to write. It’s not about being published for me, it’s actually about the stories and the writing process. If I go several days … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Books are Better than TV

I blog a lot about books and a lot about TV. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good TV show as much (or maybe more) than the next girl, but here are 10 reasons why I love books much … Continue reading

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Last 20 highlights from my Kindle

One thing I like about my Kindle is its ability to highlight passages/words and view them outside of the book in a separate file. I use this feature to highlight words that I ended up looking in the dictionary and … Continue reading

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computer voice vs audiobook

Pregnancy brain has basically turned my mind into mush. My writing abilities have declined as has my drive to write. It’s been quite frustrating really. I spend all day in a daze, feeling like a bubble-brain who is annoying to … Continue reading

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What makes a good beach read?

NPR has posted the 200 finalists for their “100 Best Beach Books” vote. But rather than this being a useful list of books I might want to take on vacation, it reads like a random assortment of people’s favorite books. … Continue reading

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