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One of my Pet Peeves

Before I begin I should explain that I like to read fashion magazines. By which I mean magazines like Glamour and Marie Claire. Have you tried reading them? I think you would be surprised by quality of some of the articles. But I have to say my least favorite articles are those involving celebrity interviews. Now don’t get me wrong. I like to read celeb gossip. I like to know what they are wearing and stuff like that. But I don’t like to read about their political views.

Why do magazines insist on asking celebrities about their political views? I mean, do I really care what Britney thinks about the Iraq war? No. I don’t. Do I want to know who an actress from my favorite TV show thinks should win the election? No. It’s one thing to ask them about the designer shoes and purses that they can afford and I can’t, and who should win an Academy Award this year since they know about acting. Barring the few well-educated and politically conscious actors and actresses, celebrities really should not answer political questions. They sound stupid and I feel stupid reading it.

And don’t get me started on actors/actresses giving relationship advice. Please!!!

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