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I'm baaack! and Community's mediocre first episode

I’m back from vacay and have a whole DVR full of shows to catch up on. Ain’t life grand? Let’s start off with Community.

Community on NBC

Community on NBC

The first Community episode was…well…just okay. There were a couple of laugh-out-loud moments, but mostly I sat and watched silently with my husband. The only discussions we had (about the show) were of the “what did he say”/”can you turn up the volume” variety. The premise of the show is that a talkative self-centered lawyer named Jeff (played by Joel McHale) has to go back to college for some reason (didn’t catch the reasoning for this, either I was in the bathroom or they are going to slowly reveal this). He decides to take the easy way out and go to community college where he forms a study group with a bunch of equally messed up people. I can’t quite tell yet what the overall plotline is going to be, though there is a love interest. For me the two major reasons to keep watching are side characters Chevy Chase (whose character could end up either being hilarious or really lame–kind of like an SNL sketch) and John Oliver (you know him as the Brit from The Daily Show).

Final Verdict: first episode not great, but has potential.

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