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For Jane Austen Fans

Title Page from 1st ed. of Emma (Img from wikipedia)

Hooray! My first blog post for the new year (and January is halfway done…oops). Some of you may have noticed that I’ve switched over to wordpress. Please note that this will be my last post to and so please update your links/rss feeds or whatever.

Anyway for Jane Austen fans — PBS will be airing a new four-hour version of Emma at the end of the month. You can watch a preview of it here. Participate in the PBS twitter party on January 24th from 9-11 (follow and post to #emma_pbs) and you might win Jane Austen related prizes.

If you miss the show, they will have it online for a short time.

I’ve seen many Jane Austen TV/movie adaptations at this point but somehow I don’t get bored. Even though I’m looking forward to seeing Emma, Pride and Prejudice is still my favorite Jane Austen novel. Which one’s yours?

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