Picture Book Review: Rosie’s Song by Mary Kate Leming

Rosie’s Song
by Mary Kate Leming (Author) , Deborah Lafogg Docherty (Illustrator)

This is a sweet picture book about a sea star named Rosie and her journey to find her brothers after they are lost in a storm. Pre-schooler Monkey was captivated by the story (“Can we keep this book Mommy?”) and loved the pink star, though she said “I thought she was going to sing a song?” (Note: The title is a little misleading–while there is a song in the book, the story isn’t about the song, and it isn’t Rosie’s song in particular.)

Overall, this is a nice story, but I was puzzled by the fact that though Rosie takes the initiative to search for her brothers, in the end they find their own way home with no help from Rosie, which made her journey feel somewhat pointless. The illustrations are lovely on the whole, but I was disappointed that the one girl starfish in the bunch was, of course, pink (with eyelashes no less), and I didn’t respond positively to the cartoony faces of the sea stars (I wondered whether they even needed faces?). However, I loved the dreamy beaches and seascapes, especially those along the insides of the covers.

All in all, this was one of the best self-published picture books I’ve seen, and has a very kid-friendly vibe, with an eco-friendly (but not preachy) storyline that may help stimulate family discussions about pollution and the environment.

Disclaimer: Review of a free copy of the book received directly from the author.

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