Random Library Find: Poof! by John O’Brien

Poof! by John O’Brien

Sometimes when I’m at the library picking up one of my ILL requests, I stop by the kid’s section to look at picture books. During this particular visit, I’d picked up some Caldecott Honors and some other new picture books, but out of my 5 picks, this one was the one that really stood out to my 4 y.o..

I had them all out on her bed as a “surprise” for when she got home from school, and after rummaging through them in her room by herself, she came out and announced, “Poof! is the one I like!” (Proud Mommy moment since I hadn’t read any of the titles to her.)

The story is simple and fun, basically about two wizard parents who argue about whose turn it is to “change” the baby. Silliness ensues as they change the baby into various creatures and end up as a family of wizard ducks. Ha!

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