Read it Again Mommy: Two more great library finds

Over the holiday break, we visited the library a few times, and these two books have been a big hit in my house.

I Dare You Not to Yawn
by Helene Boudreau (Author) and Serge Bloch (Illustrator)

This book is absolutely hysterical. It is about the dangers of yawning (i.e. that your parents might think you are tired and put you to bed). It is full of fun noises to read and hilarious pictures. I am physically unable to keep myself from yawning when reading this book (multiple times)–and the bonus of course is that so is my preschooler. A perfect wind-down bedtime book.

The Princess and the Peas
by Caryl Hart  (Author) and Sarah Warburton (Illustrator)

As I’ve mentioned previously, my preschooler is seriously into princesses. This book is a funny take on the fairy tale the princess and the pea, where a little girl named Lily-Rose May discovers that the reason she hates peas is that she’s really a princess! Very cute. I love the end of the book where it turns out she doesn’t actually want to be a princess and that maybe she should just eat the darn peas.  (The three-year-old actually LOVES peas and so do I. Guess I’m not a princess. Phew! That would be awful!)

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