Mommy Read it Again: My No, No, No Day by Rebecca Patterson

From the moment Bella wakes up, nothing is right. Her baby brother is in her room (“GET OUT OF MY ROOM!”), her mother tries to giver her an egg for breakfast (“I CAN’T EAT THAT!”), and I won’t even mention what happens in the grocery store (except to say that the snide looks from the other customers in the store are classic)!

I bought this book for my daughter’s 3rd birthday and she (and the other birthday guests) wanted to read it as soon as it was unwrapped. Just the cover alone is hysterical. Everyone (especially the adults) laughed as we read about Bella’s day and recognized my daughter and her cousin on every single page. So, so cute. I highly recommend this one!

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  1. Giora says:

    Nice to visit your blog again. Just by looking at the book’s cover where the girl wears only one shoe, you get the message that it’s not her day.

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