Random glimpses into my life with Toddler Monkey

This one is from this morning. Toddler Monkey* was jumping around my bedroom, causing havoc while I was getting dressed:

Me: Hey! Don’t stomp and jump on that pillow! You’re going to rip it!

Toddler Monkey: But I’m sailing!

(Meanwhile Infant Monkey is snoozing away in her baby basket, oblivious to the yelling and jumping)

Me: Sailing?

Toddler Monkey: I’m sailing to the castle! (runs to the window and points to a neighbor’s house) See? Over there? Can you sail to the castle with me?

Awww. Later this morning while I was doing dishes (and Infant Monkey was still snoozing away. IM is a much better sleeper than TM ever was!):

TM (running around the kitchen): When I grow up I’m going to have a big tummy just like you!

Me: Gee, thanks.

TM: I’m going to have a baby like you!

Me: Oh, you mean you’ll have a big tummy like I did when I was pregnant.

TM: Yeah!


*I’ve decided call my 2 going on 3 year old daughter “Toddler Monkey” rather than “Terrific Terror” since it fits better with the monkey theme. Though pretty soon I suppose I should be calling her “Preschooler Monkey” since technically she hasn’t really “toddled” for at least a year now.

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