Toddler Favorites: Guess That Picture Book

My toddler likes to quote from some of her favorite books. Let’s see if you can guess which ones these are!

Mystery Book #1:

Toddler runs inside the house from outside and closes the door. She runs to hug my husband’s legs, looks up at him, and says, “I’m not going on a bear hunt again!”

Click here for the answer.

Mystery Book #2:

We’re out grocery shopping and I ask her what we should buy for dinner. Her response: “Marshmallows!” (she says this one a lot)

Click here for the answer.

Mystery Book #3:

I lean over to say good night and kiss her on her cheek twice. She looks over at Daddy and says, “Yuck yuck! Right, Daddy?”

Click here for the answer.

Mystery Book #4:

I say, “Would you like to eat this red, ripe juicy strawberry?”

She replies, “Or else the big, hungry bear will eat it!”

Click here for the answer.

Mystery Book #5:

And my favorite quote from my daughter (which my twitter followers will have probably heard already):

“Oh, Bother!”

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to link that one.

How did you do?


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5 Responses to Toddler Favorites: Guess That Picture Book

  1. Giora says:

    I didn’t know the answers, and also haven’t heard about these books. But what if your daugther told to you and your husband:
    “I have a little brain and long words bother me”
    Mystery Book # 6 is more famous than all of the above. How did you do?

    • amitha says:

      Hi Giora–First of all, my daughter loves big words, so she’d absolutely never say that :) But more importantly, I’m thinking you didn’t realize that the quote from Mystery Book #5 was a quote from the exact same book as #6. I guess it was a tougher quote than I realized!

      • amitha says:

        Also — oops, the title says these are all picture books, when in fact they aren’t. Sorry about that!

      • Giora says:

        Amitha, what you did is very creative and if moms who read picture books will come here they might know some answers. For someone like me who doesn’t read picture books, it’s very difficult to answer. But your idea is good. When your book get published and you go to book stores to talk about it, it’ll be great to ask young readers some questions about mystery books. They will like it.

  2. Toddler Favorites: Guess That Picture Book

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