Mommy Read it Again: Fun on the Farm

Last week’s library picks, as always, included multiple animal themed books and a Valentine’s Day selection. However, her favorites were a couple of farm animal themed books. Amazingly, neither of these books feature ducks or geese.

by Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom (illustrator)

(I love that I had to count the number of o’s in the title of the book!) This book is about an owl who wants to live in the henhouse. The hens are skeptical but are soon won over. Very cute and very funny. My daughter loves the illustrations and all the animal noises.

The Old Woman and Her Pig: An Appalachian Folktale

by Margaret Read Macdonald and John Kanzler (Illustrator)

This is apparently based on a traditional folktale. The music is included on the back page, though my husband doesn’t like the tune and sings his own version. The School Library Journal review posted on Amazon is less than flattering, and I do agree that the rhythm is a little uneven and the scenario of buying a pig for a penny is unrealistic for parents. And while it is on the longer side for a two-year-old with a short attention span, the variations in the rhythm, the fun illustrations, and the interspersed songs makes it all the more fun to read. And apparently you can buy it for the low, low price of $500 (?!?) on Amazon!

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