My e-reading stats for 2011

I bought a Kindle in 2009 and since then I’ve been keeping track of my reading statistics on Goodreads. My previous year’s stats are in brackets, though the 2009 post is a little difficult to decipher since I wasn’t interested in my overall reading stats.

Total books read for 2011 (not including picture books/board books): 51   [2010: 49 ; 2009: 85(?) had to go look on Goodreads since I hadn’t listed it in the post]

# of e-books read: 26 [12 ; 25(?) ]

# of physical books (p-books) read: 25 [37 ; 60(?)]

# of e-books purchased (either by me or for me): 25 + 3 books that I’d initially read as physical library books and then purchased [2 ; 14 (?)]

# of p-books purchased: 9 [10 ; 6]

Wow. I am actually really surprised by these numbers. I didn’t realize how many e-books I’d purchased this year! Interesting that the # of p-books I bought seems to have stayed fairly stable.

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