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Friday Library Trip: Duck, Duck, Fish!

My one-year-old and I went on another trip to the library today! Today I let her do all the choosing. But before we get to the books from the library, here’s a book we purchased last week: Ducks Go Vroom … Continue reading

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“No offense, but…”: The book review every writer is afraid they will get

All this talk on various blogs about whether or not writers should be posting negative book reviews has got me thinking about my own fears as a writer. It’s so scary putting your work out there. What if people hate … Continue reading

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Friday Library Trip: Mommy’s picks and Baby’s picks

My 1-year-old and I went to the library today. She ran around, choosing books at random, while I went through and looked at them carefully. Eventually, she sat and flipped through a few of the books she had strewn on … Continue reading

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Book review: Love That Dog by Sharon Creech

Loved that book! (okay, obvious line) I got this book as a Christmas present, and it looked like a quick read, so I read it out loud with my husband while I was supposed to be reading two other books. … Continue reading

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Ambiguous Endings: Brilliant or Lazy?

Due to the nature of this blogpost, there will be spoilers for The Giver and for Inception (the movie). So consider yourself forewarned. I recently saw Inception for the second time and it made me think again about ambiguous endings. … Continue reading

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