Cute animal photo: Red Panda (oh, and a list of Red Panda books)

I recently went to the Central Park Zoo (which isn’t nearly as impressive as the Bronx Zoo, but still pretty nice) and was thrilled to see a red panda up close! I was one of many tourists shoving my way to the front to take a photo. And then I realized I should probably be taking pictures of my child at the zoo, rather than just taking pictures of the animals. LOL! (Don’t worry, I have a shot similar photo where my baby is in the frame too. Her favorite animals were the polar bears–she giggled and growled when she saw them. They were a little too far away to get a good picture with my cell phone though.)

To those critics who say, “This post isn’t book related,” I say Bah! Who doesn’t love a cute animal pic? Okay fine. I guess I should stay on topic, so here’s a list of red panda books I found on Amazon:

Panda: An Intimate Portrait Of One Of The World's Most Elusive Characters by Heather Angel Apparently this book is also available for kindle. Interesting. Might look better on your iPad app. or Kindle DX.
Farley the Red Panda by Rob Waring
Red Pandas (Paws and Claws) by Sara Swan Miller
Red Pandas (Naturebooks) by Joshua Rutten
Like the Red Panda by Andrea Seigel -- Okay this one isn't *actually* about Red Pandas. It's a YA novel with heavy, serious themes that looks quite good. Would probably appeal to fans of Laurie Halse Anderson.
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