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How to Form Your Own Critique Group: Step #1

As many of you know, I’m the leader of a fabulous five-person critique group called Courtyard Critiques (including Peta and Livia). Many writers are reticent to join a writing group, but for me the experience has been wonderful. Maybe someday … Continue reading

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Medical Fiction Question #2: Labor Pains

Q: From writer DH (question edited for clarity): If you don’t mind, I’m having a hard time writing a scene for childbirth, and I can’t seem to stomach watching the youtube videos detailing birth. So I was hoping to get … Continue reading

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Cute animal photo: Red Panda (oh, and a list of Red Panda books)

I recently went to the Central Park Zoo (which isn’t nearly as impressive as the Bronx Zoo, but still pretty nice) and was thrilled to see a red panda up close! I was one of many tourists shoving my way … Continue reading

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My epiphany: it’s about the writing, stupid

After almost two and a half years of writing full time, I’ve finally realized that I need to write. It’s not about being published for me, it’s actually about the stories and the writing process. If I go several days … Continue reading

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TV Show Review: Outsourced on NBC

From my blog post at (S0101) Based on the movie of the same title, this show is about a man named Todd whose company’s call center is outsourced to India. Todd is told he has to go train everyone at the call … Continue reading

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