10 Reasons Why Books are Better than TV

I blog a lot about books and a lot about TV. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good TV show as much (or maybe more) than the next girl, but here are 10 reasons why I love books much better.

1) If you tell people you read a lot of books, you sound smart. Tell them you watch a lot of TV and you…don’t.

2) When reading a book, you get to choose who to cast. Don’t like Robert Pattinson as Edward? Choose someone else! (Or you can cast him in all the parts if you like…)

3) No commercials! (Yet…)

4) Reading books out loud is fun! Especially with your child(ren).

5) Reading books helps you get the references on TV shows.

6) It’s more fun to sit at a coffee shop and read than to sit there and watch TV.

7) Re-reading old books is more fun than re-watching old TV shows.

8) Fun bookmarks!

9) E-readers! (I love my Kindle!)

10) Books smell better than TVs. At least mine do. (And my daughter says they taste better too. This is her favorite book to chew on.)

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27 Responses to 10 Reasons Why Books are Better than TV

  1. 10 Reasons Why Books are Better than TV http://bit.ly/9KBu1V

  2. this is one of my more popular blog posts. not sure why: 10 Reasons Why Books are Better Than TV http://ow.ly/2ZRV4

  3. RT @amithaknight: this is one of my more popular blog posts. not sure why: 10 Reasons Why Books are Better Than TV http://ow.ly/2ZRV4

  4. Trevor Mccoy says:

    This is the most not smart reasons why books are better than TV

    Especially last comment

  5. ojasvi khandelwal says:

    its d most fun 2 read to these reasons

  6. amy says:

    is book is better tham tv is yes and what you thinks

  7. joetaxpayer says:

    i hate this omg i dont know what to do help me im stuck on a project in highschool
    we had 5 weeks to do it and im not done anything. its do tomorrow!

  8. joetaxpayer says:

    … too late its over i got a F!!!!!! it sucked so bad now ill never become taxi driver. : ( it was my dream job!

  9. mckenna says:

    this is funny hahahahahahahaha

  10. abagail says:

    this is awesome LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. abagail says:

    bye!!!! peace outttt

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  14. Craftmaster says:


  15. Craftmaster says:


  16. Taylor Tabcum says:

    very funny and true.:)

  17. Matthew says:

    10 reasons why this is wrong
    1.if you tell people if you read books, you sound like a nerd, if you tell people you watch tv, you sound cool
    2. on tv, you dont have to. you just sit down and not care about who it is
    3. in magazines and some books, there is
    4. no its not, it could tire you out if its long
    5. you could just discover the references by watching the show
    6. no its not
    7. same as 6
    8. bookmarks arent that fun and tvs dont need bookmarks, you could just pause it
    9. e readers still aren’t as fun as books (if there is no youtube on it) besides, one day you could watch tv on an e book
    10. tvs feel better and sound better than books

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  19. H says:


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