Monkey Week at Monkey Poop!

I’ve decided to declare this week Monkey Week here at Monkey Poop in honor of my two year blogaversary! Okay, so the anniversary was actually about a month and a half ago, but whatever. Close enough! (This blog post is to be read to the tune of “Monkey” by Harry Belafonte from “Jump Up Calypso”–see the Animaniacs version below)

First things first—why monkeys?

I’m not really sure why. If I ever figure out the answer to that, I’ll probably have to let my family know first. One of my novels is about a girl with a pet monkey named Ee-ee. And secretly I think he’s actually the best character in the whole story (don’t tell my main character though!). When I was a kid, my favorite animals were actually cheetahs. I’m not sure when monkeys took over. My mom thinks its strange I like monkeys since she always thought they were scary and annoying when she was growing up in India. (Monkeys like to steal and snatch things away from you.)

Why monkey poop?

Hmm…another good question. Poop is just a funny word I guess. As you can tell, I am incredibly mature for my age.

Some made up monkey vocabulary:

To keep this writing related, today we will go over some monkey vocabulary. Here are 3 monkey-related phrases that I use regularly:

“That’s so monkey!” — when something is lame.
“You’re such a monkey.” — when someone is being really silly. Usually accompanied by a shake of the head.
“You totally monkey-packed it.” — when you haven’t packed things in your suitcase properly and everything is just shoved in.

And here’s a word I have just coined and will use for the rest of the week: Monkey-tastic.

Some real monkey phrases and vocabulary from the dictionary

monkey bars
monkey bread
monkey business
monkey engine: a pile-driving machine consisting of a heavy hammer or ram working vertically in a groove.
monkey flower
monkey jacket
monkey puzzle
monkey suit
monkey wrench
monkeyshines<–I like this one

That’s it for today! Come by tomorrow for some more monkey-related awesomeness. And here is the monkey-tastic video I promised:

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4 Responses to Monkey Week at Monkey Poop!

  1. Oh, I always thought monkey poop was because they fling it at people. Some sort of metaphor for blogging or something.

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  3. amitha says:

    yes, you’re right. it’s a metaphor. totally what I meant all along…

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