Dan Humphrey’s Top Ten Book List

Have you seen this list of Gossip Girl character Dan Humphrey’s favorite books for 2009? I haven’t read any of them, but I have read other books by a few of these authors.

(via bookshelvesofdoom — man she finds some good stuff!)

And check out my guest post to Livia Blackburne’s blog: http://blog.liviablackburne.com/2009/11/writing-lessons-from-gossip-girl.html

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3 Responses to Dan Humphrey’s Top Ten Book List

  1. Dear Ms. Knight,

    I read your post “Dan Humphrey’s Top Ten Book List” and found his choices quite interesting.

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  2. Pen says:

    I wanted to use the rssFEED but feed site displays me some XML errors.

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