Models of the Runway verdict

Basically, Models of the Runway show follows around the models of Project Runway between shows. For me, this show was a bit boring. Maybe if I had watched it immediately after watching the Project Runway episode it would have been interesting, but seeing it the following morning, I just didn’t care. It’s hard for me to see how their talents as a model keeps them on the show. It seems more like it’s a question of them being nice to their designers and getting along with them.

Anyway, in the first episode, we watch the models gush and complain about their designers, and we hear a little bit about where they are from and stuff like that, but there were so many of them and they all look so skinny and scary that it was hard for me to care. I don’t know. It was a little amusing to see what the model who got kicked off had to say about her designer, but that was about it. They could’ve just included that snippet at the end of the show. While I was watching I kept wondering how they were going to stretch it into an hour show, but it was only a half hour (phew).

Like I said I usually give a new show 2 episodes unless the first one was really bad, and this wasn’t really bad, so this show still has one more chance to entertain me.

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