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How to Watch TV Like a Novelist Part Three: Details, details

We’ve talked about characters and plot. Now for the final part of this series: details. When trying to make a scene more realistic, directors rely on props and costumes. The right details can totally make a scene. Whenever I get … Continue reading

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How to Watch TV Like a Novelist Part Two: Questioning the Plot

All right, so last time we talked about characters. Today, let’s discuss plot. Here are some questions to ask yourself when watching TV to inform your own writing: 1) Why did they choose to end the scene there? (And where … Continue reading

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How to Watch TV Like a Novelist Part One–4 Questions About Characters

I like to watch TV. Everyone knows this. (I even blog about it.) Sometimes I have an excuse to watch, like I had a hard day, or someone is over and wants to watch something with me. But sometimes I … Continue reading

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Last week’s Gossip Girl: 3 Tips for Getting Feedback from a Loved One

Did anyone catch last week’s Gossip Girl? The one where Dan wants Vanessa to give him feedback on something he’s writing? Here’s the gist–Dan is a writer and Vanessa makes films. Dan and Vanessa used to be best friends. Now … Continue reading

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Tips from TV: 3 Writing Lessons from the Olympics

This year’s winter olympics was fun to watch, wasn’t it? The drama, the excitement, the heartbreak. ┬áHearing the athletes’ stories was inspiring and compelling. And while I was watching, I couldn’t help but think that as a writer, I could … Continue reading

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Rejection Lessons from American Idol

Writer and Blogger Shelli posted a great blog post this week with some lessons on handling rejection from American Idol.

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Writing Tips from TV: Lessons from Project Runway

I love Project Runway. Drama + high fashion + catty fighting = Awesome. But probably the most fun part about this show is watching creative minds at work. But what lessons can a writer take away from this show? #1) … Continue reading

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Writing Tips from TV: 3 Reasons Why ABC’s V Doesn’t Work

  Have you seen V on ABC (see above preview)? Basically it’s about what happens when an alien race makes first contact with earth. I think the show is meant to appeal to Battlestar Galactica (aka BSG) fans as well … Continue reading

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3 Writing Lessons from Battlestar Galactica

(Inspired by Peta Andersen’s blog post “5 Things I Learned From ‘The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh‘”. We had a bit of an online conversation on the commentary section of her blog about learning from TV shows, and I … Continue reading

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