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YA Book Review: The Here and Now by Ann Brashares

The Here and Now is a new romantic scifi from Ann Brashares, bestselling author of the beloved Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series. As soon as I started reading this book, I was drawn into the story. The premise is reminiscent … Continue reading

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TV Show Review: The Event on NBC

From my blog post over at (S01E01) At first glance, this show really could have sucked and during the first few minutes I really thought it would. It all begins with an annoying cliché: a shaky-camera-with-people-screaming scene (a la Flash … Continue reading

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TV Blog Post: My Fall Lineup

Okay, so I finally went through and figured out which shows I’m going to check out this fall. We’ll see if any of them are actually any good, I’m not particularly excited about any of them. ABC: No Ordinary Family … Continue reading

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The Lost Finale: ?!?

(major spoiler alert) I promised a Lost finale blog post, and here it is.  Though I’ve waited so long, I’m pretty sure no one cares anymore. Too bad so sad. So we finally found out what the parallel universe thing … Continue reading

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Caprica Season 1.5 Preview has released a preview for “Season 1.5″ of Caprica! Not sure when it’ll start yet…

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What I’m watching now

Shocker of shockers–apparently having a baby leaves me less time for watching TV. Here’s what’s going on in my DVR right now: Shows I watch right away (as in, within the week): Lost — still good, and we’re in the … Continue reading

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Futurama will return in June!

Hooray! Futurama‘s coming back! Here’s the trailer:

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Writing Tips from BSG

Check out my old blog post on my writing blog called “3 Writing Lessons from Battlestar Galactica“. Here’s an excerpt: So my husband and I loved Battlestar Galactica, and listed to many of the writer/developer/producer Ronald D. Moore’s commentary on … Continue reading

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Lost: In the end you still come back to the island

So does anyone have any theories about how the two parallel story lines are going to come together? I seem to remember someone in the last episode saying something about “the island still got you in the end” (Linus to … Continue reading

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Caprica — Not the same as BSG but also good

I asked BSG fans following #Caprica on twitter what they thought about the show and here is what two people said: @Johnny_Croxford said: “It started as ‘good’, moved into ‘great’ and now has the potential to be ‘awesome’. Time will … Continue reading

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