What I’m watching now

Shocker of shockers–apparently having a baby leaves me less time for watching TV. Here’s what’s going on in my DVR right now:

Shows I watch right away (as in, within the week):

Lost — still good, and we’re in the final season (as they remind us over and over again during commercial breaks)

FlashForward — Despite the annoying caps in the title of the show (yes, I am going on about that again) this show is compelling and they have given us hints about how they are planning on making this last more than one season

Castle –I know, this isn’t as good as the other shows, but I like it’s silly humor about writing. Nathan Fillion is awesome. I watch this when my husband isn’t home from work yet but the baby is asleep.

Chuck — My husband loves this show. If it weren’t for him, I probably wouldn’t watch this right away. My friend Seth loves it too.

Modern Wife — I bet people who actually know something about the law hate this show, but I like it a lot.

(Project Runway which just ended)

Shows I let collect and then watch when I’m feeling too brain dead to do anything else:

Modern Family — I love this show. For me this is the funniest show on TV right now. I often find myself laughing out loud and accidentally waking up the baby.

30 Rock — still funny

The Office — also still funny

Millionaire Matchmaker

American Idol (might give up on this show)

Top Chef Masters

Desperate Housewives (might not watch next season)

Brothers and Sisters

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Colbert Report

Glee — again, might give up on this show. the plot is really threadbare at this point.

Masterpiece Classic — I just can’t bring myself to watch the 2nd Sharpe adaptation (the first one was terrible) and I already know how the Diary of Anne Frank ends (sniff sniff!!)… I can’t wait until this summer when Masterpiece Mystery starts!! It looks like they have some awesome shows planned!

(Shear Genius, which just ended a few weeks ago)

Shows I haven’t really watched but are still on my DVR:

Community — my sister insists this show is one of the funniest on TV but it’s just not funny to me.

Parenthood — I’m waiting for the summer when there is nothing else on

Mad Men — I know! this show is amazing, but I wait for my husband to get home from work to watch, and he never feels like it because it is so dramatic. Probably will watch over the summer.

Cougar Town — the show is funny, but not as funny as I would like. and the premise is getting kind of old.

White Collar — I got a little bored of this show after a few episodes. my mom loves it though.

Okay, that’s it for now! Sorry I was too lazy to link to all of these shows. Click on some of my tags to find out what else I’ve written about them.

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3 Responses to What I’m watching now

  1. Thanks for the shout out!!!

    Here’s how I feel about your shows:

    Lost —AGREE

    FlashForward — AGREE, but it’s not going to get renewed – I prefer V, which is also not going to get renewed!

    Castle – I’m going to catch up on this show over the summer b/c a LOT of people are telling me to.


    Modern Wife — BORING – law, cop, doctor shows = BORING

    (Project Runway which just ended) (Reality = can’t watch)

    Modern Family — AGREE = FUNNIEST SHOW EVER — it’s by the JUST SHOOT ME peeps – that’s why it’s so good!! ah, those were the days…

    30 Rock — AGREE

    The Office — AGREE

    Millionaire Matchmaker EEEEEEEEWWWWWW mary watches this, and it makes me gaaaaaaaag

    American Idol EEEEEEWWWWW

    Top Chef Masters — you watch 3 in a row Mary watches – this is the least offensive of those.

    Desperate Housewives — this has a big ?? on it for me starting and watching – might just wait till it’s all over and done

    Brothers and Sisters — my sister likes it – but I haven’t tried… my favorite drama is FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and also TREME has been great.

    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart — watch it just to see what he’ll say, but overall I prefer CONAN

    Colbert Report – can’t handle shows where people are playing characters they aren’t

    Glee — I feel like I have to watch it b/c I know people on it, but it’s a horrible show with horrible acting, singing and especially WRITING.

    Masterpiece Classic — Anne Frank was great!

    (Shear Genius, which just ended a few weeks ago) (Never heard of it)

    Community — it’s cute — it is definitely not as funny as Modern Family, 30 Rock and the Office… or even Parks & Recreations — but it’s getting better — btw P&R has actually gotten REALLY funny — and also if you want another THE MIDDLE is cute – kind of like Malcolm in the Middle…

    Parenthood — SUMMER FOR ME

    Mad Men — It is INTENSE – that’s for sure! I prefer Friday Night Lights – but I also like BREAKING BAD … and I’m watching the Wire right now – and Treme, as I said…


    White Collar — I DON’T watch anything on USA but PSYCH

    Favorite shows you missed I didn’t mention above —


    • totallytv says:

      I forgot caprica!! I’ve never heard of legend of the seeker. James still watches South Park, but I only do sometimes. I gave up on the Simpsons a few years ago.
      Haven’t seen the rest.

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