Xmas Movies: What I'm NOT Watching

As I set my DVR for this December, I look up shows on IMDB to find out how interested I am in recording them. Then, I put the bad ones in a list of shows I’m purposely NOT recording.

Here’s what I have so far this season (most of these are on Lifetime):

The Dog Who Saved Christmas: This just looks really really lame

Together Again for the First Time: Looks too cheesy, not actually heartwarming and more importantly, doesn’t look funny.

Holiday in Your Heart: Written/starring/about LeAnn Rimes. Enough said.

Home by Christmas: looks really depressing

Comfort and Joy: I hate switching bodies/lives movies

Holiday Switch: same reason as above

Holiday Affair: a Christmas move about cheating on your husband? hmm.. I guess it’s a remake, but sounds like a depressing premise to me.

Christmas in Paradise: from the description — “..two bereaved families…emotionally complicated…deep soul-searching…” no thanks.

Christmas Child: also looks depressing and un-funny

The Christmas Blessing: Stars Neil Patrick Harris?!? NOOO!!! (see previous post about the last Xmas movie with NPH I saw)

A Dad for Christmas: Not what the title suggests. I thought it would be about a boy who wants a dad for christmas, but actually it’s about a teenage boy who is about to BE a Dad for Christmas….ummm…just no.

Christmas Shoes: based on that cheesy tearjerker song (and apparently the book). no thanks.

Thomas Kinkade’s The Christmas Cottage — the title was enough for me to pass.

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One Response to Xmas Movies: What I'm NOT Watching

  1. Melissa says:

    I wonder how many of these star Melissa Joan Hart…

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